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Who is Nina Fox?

Nina Fox was tall. At PE lessons she was always but at the beginning of the line and she always got to stay at the back for group pictures. She was also thin which wasn't attributed to her diet. In the contrary, she ate everything, really everything that looked good enough to put in her mouth, as her stomach was able to digest anything. Once, she even ate a piece of chocolate that her colleague dropped on the floor in the office - she just didn't want to wast any food - and she was fine. She thought that her slimness was attributed to genes - her granddad was slim and tall. She knew that her slim demeanor was not very popular with men but she didn't care - she knew most girls were jealous.

Nina Fox was confident, talented and young. She thought that 25 is the best age out of all and she was proud to be 25.

Nina Fox has just moved into a new city and started a new job in an office. She was looking forward to what these new changes may bring!

среда, 13 февраля 2019 г.

Are you stressed? Or an alternative way to relax and cope with anxiety.

Morden society put a lot of pressure on us. New technologies made our life keep moving faster and if you are not quick enough you may miss out on many opportunities. Our brain has used to think constantly figuring out the best solutions and best ways out. And we as a society have definitely become smarter and more efficient but the downside of this is that it has become more difficult to relax. Ever when many of us come from work our brains would still be in the office trying to solve work-related isues. And there are many ways to calm down our minds and relax. One of my absolute favourites is ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Respons - a pleasant sensation in your body (tingles) that appears in response to some external stimuli.

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A perfect cover letter for a job in New Zealand

Looking for a job in NZ could be a very stressful process for anyone. CV, cover letters, interviews - require so much time and makes even most confident people shake. I prepared for you 3 simple rules on how to write a cover letter that will be noticed by a NZ employer.

They are:

1. Be personal

2. Be relevant

3. Be confident.

I developed those rules based on my personal experience. Cover letters that I have written helped me to be selected for interviews with organisations such as Palmerston North City Council, Department of Conservation, Massey University, Wildlife sanctuary Rotokare and a couple of community organisations. In addition, I have led a recruitment process myself. This has given me a different perspective. I had not understood why employers always ask to provide cover letters when everything important is already written in the CV. But after I was selecting candidates for a position of a project coordinator myself I  understood in-depth the importance of cover letters. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you are applying for a position of an English teacher. All people who would apply for this position will have a degree in teaching English and some experience working as a teacher, so most CVs will look the same. Cover letter, on another hand, is your chance to tell your personal story and make your application memorable. So let's explore the 3 rules:

среда, 7 февраля 2018 г.

Borsch - a simple recipe

In spite of what Wikipedia and other cooking books say, for me, borsh is not a type of soup. Something like Ukrainian soup ‘borsch’ sounds ridiculous: in my head, there is either a soup or a borsch :-). This dish is very popular not only in Ukraine, but also in other Eastern Slavic countries, like Russia, Belarus, Poland and other. There are several kinds of borsch that I know: white, green, red and there are few more.

White borsch is very popular in Poland and Belarus. It is made of sour rye flour with smoked sausages and boiled eggs. It is served in a bowl made of bread - really authentic. It smells really yummy, but I have never heard of a vegetarian version so I’ve never tried it.

Green borsch is my favourite type. The main ingredient is sorrel leaves. Sorrel is difficult to find in New Zealand, but my lovely friend and ex-neighbour grows sorrel in his garden, so I still it sometime.

And finally, red borsch, or as it sometimes called outside Ukraine a Ukrainian Borsch. One of the most popular Ukrainian dishes, made of beetroot and cabbage.This type is the easiest one to cook in New Zealand, because all ingredients are easily available. How to cook it?

пятница, 15 сентября 2017 г.

Australia – the dreamed destination

Once in high school, they asked us to write an essay about our dreams, my dream back then was to visit Australia and specifically to see koalas. 20 years later this dream come true, and although we didn’t get to see the koalas, we saw a burst of biodiversity and magical landscapes.
Australia was nothing like I expected. Many people told me that Australia is a big village and I imagined straight roads with no cars, yellow soils where one or two occasional kangaroos are grazing in the sunshine. I thought, on our way from Canberra to Gold Coast I will be driving at least half the way. But to my surprise, the roads were huge, busy and highly complicated, If you add to this our inadequate car Fiat Punto you will correctly guess that I didn’t touch the steering wheel at all. However I navigated. A lady with a strange African accent in my cellphone’s GPS was accompanied by swearing of my sweating husband, who I believe developed lots of gray hairs after our travel.

понедельник, 8 июня 2015 г.

Эксперимент @Positiffity@

Дети - это  позитиффф
Вчера ночью мне в голову пришла гениальная идея. При поиске работу все советуют быть на позитиффе. Вот я решила провести 6-ти дневный эксперимент и оставаться позитиффной все это время со Вторника до Воскресенья. Для меня, заядлого пессимиста, эта затяе не из легких.
Однако, оставаться позитивной это не значит улыбаться все время как умственно отсталый. Это значит концентрироваться на хорошем и пропускать мимо ушей все плохое. У меня же все всегда происходит наоборот. Я быстро "проезжаю" хорошие моменты, считая их само собой разумеющимся, и долго перевариваю плохое. Моя жизнь состоит на 10% из того, что происходит, и на 90% из того, как я это воспринимаю, поэтому в теории, оставаться на позитиффной волне весь день достаточно просто, если я буду делать все наоборот.
Итак каждый день вечером, я буду писать отчет о том, как у меня все это получается, и что хорошего я смогла найти в текущем дне.

среда, 25 февраля 2015 г.

Год в маленьком городе

Кингстон стрит
Вы когда-нибудь жили в маленьком городе? Если да, тогда наверняка вы знаете все его недостатки. Всю свою жизнь я провела в больших городах, я любила большие города, их суматоху, их ночную жизнь, размах. Донецк, Харьков, Варшава... Эти города меня всегда впечатляли, широкие тротуары (только не в Варшаве))), здания, затмевающие Солнце, толпы людей, в которых никогда не чувствуешь себя одиноким. Люблю быть в толпе (но не долго), чувствуешь себя частью чего-то большого и значимого.  Я люблю толпу, настолько насколько я люблю отличатся от других. Ведь эти различия видны именно в толпе, именно там чувствуешь себя особенным, сравнивая себя с другими.
А теперь представьте что все это исчезает. Нет высоких домов, нет людей, нет общественного транспорта. Ни трамваев, ни троллейбусов... Ничто не затмевает Солнце, и оно постоянно светит прямо в глаз. И тишина....
Этот ужас я испытала впервые приехав в Палми, небольшой городок на Северном острове Новой Зеландии. Какие жуткие маленькие домишки, какой ужасный ветер и целых 20 пешком до ближайшего магазина.  Я без стыда насмехалась над этим городом смотря в глаза его местным жителям, которые мне поддакивали, мол «Ну да, это Палми». Я полгода мечтала отсюда уехать, пока осенью не зацвели камелии. В каждом дворе, куст камелии распускался красивейшими розами разных оттенков. Аромат разносился по всему городу. А потом зацвели каллы и на пруд прилетели черные лебеди.