воскресенье, 5 января 2020 г.

Who is Nina Fox?

Nina Fox was tall. At PE lessons she was always but at the beginning of the line and she always got to stay at the back for group pictures. She was also thin which wasn't attributed to her diet. In the contrary, she ate everything, really everything that looked good enough to put in her mouth, as her stomach was able to digest anything. Once, she even ate a piece of chocolate that her colleague dropped on the floor in the office - she just didn't want to wast any food - and she was fine. She thought that her slimness was attributed to genes - her granddad was slim and tall. She knew that her slim demeanor was not very popular with men but she didn't care - she knew most girls were jealous.

Nina Fox was confident, talented and young. She thought that 25 is the best age out of all and she was proud to be 25.

Nina Fox has just moved into a new city and started a new job in an office. She was looking forward to what these new changes may bring!